Dave presenting his space shows

Dave's Space Shows

Gather a group of up to 30 people and book a session in the Space Room!

Dave Owen will give a presentation about space and/or astronomy. Presentations consist of narrated slideshows, videos and/or interactive space simulations. You choose which topic you'd like to hear about—below are some recommended topics but feel free to ask for anything else (in advance, preferably).


Koha (donation) — usually between $2 - $5 per person.


While you're here, have a browse around the collection of space memorabilia and other displays. Dave can talk you through the collection, which includes models and collectibles, items that have flown in space, meteorites, and a "Scale of the Universe" photographic display.


What dates and times are you available?
It's very flexible—we take group bookings any day of the week, daytime or evening. Just make sure you book well in advance.

How long does the show last?
This is also flexible. We find that about 1½ to 2 hours is enough for most audiences (especially younger children) but we can go longer if you like.

What age groups do you cater for?
We can accommodate all ages but we recommend a minimum age of around 6 years.
The group can be any mix of ages (we find that children and adults tend to enjoy the same things).

Do you have wheelchair access?
Please let us know in advance if you need wheelchair access.

Can you cover curriculum material for our school students?
Dave is not a qualified teacher but he does have a lot of teaching experience, both in astronomy and other fields. He can do basic curriculum work with enough advanced notice, but you might also like to consider the Hamilton Astronomical Society which can provide lectures by qualified physics teachers.