Here's a list of items I'm looking at to help get the collection started. If you feel like making a donation or buying me a present, you'll make me a happy man.

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Replicas, Models & Toys: Models will form an important part of the museum. Unfortunately most space toys you buy from places like the Warehouse or bookshops tend to be inaccurate, i.e. no use for an educational display. High-quality models are hard to find in bricks-and-mortar shops but are available on the net. Search for things like "spaceship replicas". Generally speaking a "replica" is better than a "model" or "toy".

Books: I'm interested in historical books, e.g. text books from the 19th Century or NASA publicity material from the 1960s. Coffee-table books are also great, e.g. Hubble images, satellite photography, etc.

Meteorites: There are many types of meteorite available and serious collectors pay big bucks for rare specimens. I only need cheap ones — any genuine meteorites will do.

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Here are some sites that offer space memorabilia, artifacts, etc.